Workshop On “Palliative care Pain Management”

Organizers: Bridgewell association under the department of child health nursing, faculty of nursing SGT university has organised a workshop on “palliative care pain management” on 24th and 25th  July 2022 C block Auditorium and hospital Auditorium.

Objective of the program were :

  • To gain knowledge regarding palliative care
  • To develop skill in assessing pain using various pain scales
  • To enable the students to develop the right attitude while caring for patients with terminal illness.

Brief report of the programme –

Day 1

Venue: C block auditorium

Bridge well association under the department of child health nursing faculty of nursing  SGT university organised two day workshop on  “ Palliative care- pain management” on 24 and 25th june 2022 under the guidance of Prof . Dr Pauline Sharmila Susai HOD child health nursing . the organizing team comprises of:

  • Vedamurthy (Associate professor child health nursing , faculty of nursing SGT university)
  • Sarika Yadav (Associate professor, child health nursing faculty of nursing  SGT university )
  • Khushbu (Assistant professor child health nursing faculty of nursing SGT university)
  • MS Kulpooja (Assistant professor child health nursing faculty of nursing SGT university)
  • Jyoti Shokeen( Assistant professor child health nursing  faculty of nursing  SGT university)
  • MS Wichamjailiu  (PG tutor child health nursing , faculty of nursing SGT university),
  • Nupur (PG tutor child health nursing faculty of nursing SGT university).

The event  was  anchored  by Mrs. Jyoti Shokeen. The gathering was welcomed by Ms Wichamjailiu followed by lamp lighting by the dignitaries. Unfolding of the theme was   done by Prof  Dr Pauline Sharmila Susai where she  spoke on the importance of pain management in palliative care  .  After the theme unfolding was done there was a speech from Dr OP Kalra ( vice chancellor SGT university).Thereafter it was  followed by an address from Dr Vikas Dhawan Pro vice chancellor (academics)  SGT university.

Key note address was also given by Prof Dr Sunil Kumar Dular,  Dean faculty of nursing SGT university

The First resource person of the day was Dr Reena Sharma Medical director at CAN support, NGO Delhi.  She spoke about “ Pain and pain assessment”. Under this she discussed about assessment of pain and the principles of assessment of pain

Second session was  on  “ WHO ladder and drugs in pain management” by DR Rakesh Garg (Additional professor , Department of Onco Anaesthesiology and Palliative medicine DR Brairch, All India institute of medical sciences , New Delhi). He explained about the Cancer pain prevalence, Effects of pain and Pain Management, General approach ( In this he discussed about WHO ladder) and lastly he spoke about the treatment through medications such as NSAID’S and opioids .


Post lunch session, various activities were organised for the students in groups of 10-12 where they has hands on experience regarding  assessment of pain through various pain scales.  Students in group of 5 participated in pain assessment through role play. The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop activities and learnt pain assessment scales. Pretest was done in which about 50% of the participants gave correct response.

There was also a poster competition on pain management in which the judges were:

  • DR Jasmine Deborah ( Professor cum HOD )Medical surgical nursing ) Faculty of nursing SGT university
  • DR Tokika Yapthomi ( Assistant Professor Faculty of Naturopathy and Yogic sciences )SGT University)


Venue: Hospital auditorium

On 2nd day the session began with the recap of the previous day by Mrs Nupur PG Tutor Child Health Nursing SGT University.

The first session on day 2 was done by Prof. Dr Pauline Sharmila Susai Professor Cum HOD Child Health Nursing , Faculty of nursing SGT university on the topic of “ Nurses role in palliative care”.

She spoke about dimensions of nurse’s role, the various symptoms faced by the patients with terminal illness and the role of nurses, routes of medications and lastly she spoke about the various journal review which shows the positive impact of nurses training on palliative care.

Session 2 was done by DR Tokika Yapthomi Assistant Professor Faculty of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences SGT university on the topic “Naturopathic approach – palliative care”.

He spoke about the naturopathic system and its approach which is holistic and therapeutic approach. Next he spoke about improving quality of life with targeted treatments and  naturopathic interventions such as  herbals and supplements, aromatherapy and essential oils,  acupuncture, pain management and rehabilitation, mind body and contemplative practice, yogic approach, counselling , realistic and accountability and lastly he stressed on the importance of supporting the support system.  He demonstrated acupuncture techniques for pain management

Session 3 was done by Dr Nudrat Jahan Associate Professor Faculty of behavioural sciences  SGT university on the topic of “ cognitive behavioural therapy in pain management- palliative care”.

She explained about cognitive behaviour therapy, ABC model of Cognitive behavioural therapy, pain cycle, how cognitive behaviour therapy works in pain management, what cognitive behaviour therapy does and lastly the Techniques. It was an interactive session and discussion was done on case scenarios.

After the 2nd session there was a lunch break

The 3rd  and  final session of the workshop  was  conducted  after lunch by Dr. Neeraj Makkar Assistant professor internal medicine  SGT hospital on the topic “Psychiatric aspects of  palliative care”.

He spoke about palliative care and psychosomatics,  psychosis,  cancer and  anti psychotics.

After the final session post test and feedback form was taken from the students in which the response for post test was 90 % students gave correct response and the feedback was also positive.

Winners of poster competition were acknowledged, certificates were distributed to the organizers and the participants  and vote of thanks was given by Mrs Khusu (Assistant professor Child Health Nursing,  Faculty of Nursing )  SGT university

The workshop was attended by around 200 participants.

Conclusion: The workshop was intended to improve the knowledge and skills on pain management in palliative care and to make the participants  more aware about the palliative care.  The students took part in the activities with great enthusiasm and also answered the questions and asked questions during the session. Overall it was a great learning experience for both the faculty and the students.




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