Biochemistry & Biophysics for Post Basic B.Sc. (Nursing)

Placement – first year (P.B.B.Sc. Nursing)                                                                              

Hours of Instruction

Theory – 60 hrs

Biochemistry – 30 hrs

Biophysics –    30hrs.

Sr No. Topic Domain Hours
1. Introduction

  • Importance of bio-chemistry in nursing.

Study of cell and its various components

Must to know 2hrs.
2. Water and Electrolytes: Water- Sources, property & function in human body.
Water and fluid balance.
Electrolytes of human body, function, sources.
Good to know 4hrs.
  • Enzymes

-Mechanism of action
– Factors affecting enzyme activity
-Diagnostic  application
-Precaution for handling specimens for enzyme estimation.

  • Digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, protein and fat.
  • Various factors influencing the digestion and absorption, mal-absorption syndrome.
Must to know 5hrs.
  • Carbohydrate :-catabolism of carbohydrate for energy purpose.
  • Mitochondrial oxidation and oxidation phosphorylation.
  • Fat of glucose in body, storage of glucose in body, glycogenesis and glycogenolysis and neoglucogenesis, blood glucose and its regulation.
  • Glucose tolerance test, hyperglycemiahypoglycemia, glycemia.


Good to know 7hrs.
  • Protein : amino acid ,hormones
  • Essential amino acid. Biosynthesis of protein in the cell.
  • Role of nucleic acid in protein synthesis.
  • Nitrogenous constitutes of urine, blood, their origin- urea cycle, uric acid formation, gout.
  • Plasma protein and their function.



Must to know 7hrs.
  • Fat: Biosynthesis of fat and storage of fat in the body.
  • Role of liver in fat metabolism.
  • Biological importance of important lipids and their function
  • Cholesterol  and lipoprotein

-sources, occurrence and distribution
-blood level and metabolism
Ketone bodies and utilization.

  • Inter-relationship in metabolism and cellular control of metabolic processes.
  • Introduction : Concept of unit and measurement
  • Fundamental and derived units.
  • Units of length, weight, mass, time.


Must to know 2hrs.
  • Vector and scalar motion, speed, velocity and acceleration.

Good to know

  • Gravity : specific gravity, centre of gravity, principles of gravity.
Desirable to know 2hrs.
  • Force : Work, Energy: Their units of measurement.
  • Type and transformation of energy, forces of body, static force.
  • Principles of machines, friction and body mechanics.
  • Simple mechanics- lever and body mechanics, pulley and traction, incline plane, screw.
  • Application of these principles in nursing.


Must to know. 4hrs.
  • Heat : Nature, measurement, transfer of heat.
  • Effects of heat on matter
  • Relative humidity, specific heat
  • Temperature scales
  • Regulation of body temperature
  • Use of heat for sterilization
  • Application of these principles in nursing.
Good to know 4hrs.
  • Light : Laws of reflection
  • Focusing elements of eye, defective vision and its correction, use of lenses.
  • Relationship between energy, frequency and weave length of light
  • Biological effects of light
  • Use of light in therapy.
  • Application of these principles nursing.
Good to know 3hrs.
  • Pressures : Atmospheric pressure, hydrostatic pressure, osmotic pressure.
  • Measurements of pressure in the body.
  • Arterial and venous blood pressure
  • Ocular pressure
  • Intracranial pressure
  • Application of these principles in nursing
14. Sound : frequency, velocity and intensity

  • Vocalization and hearing
  • Use of ultrasound, noise pollution and its prevention
  • Application of these principles in nursing.
Must to know 2hrs.
  • Electricity and electromagnetism:  Nature  of electricity, voltage, current, Resistance and their units
  • Flow of  electricity in solids, electrolytes, gases and vacuum
  • Electricity and human body
  • Pace makers and defibrillation
  • Magnetism and electricity
  • MRI scanning, CAT scan


Good to know 3hrs.
  • Atomic energy : Structure of atoms, Isotopes and isobars.
  • Radioactivity : use of radioactive isotopes
  • Radiation protection units and limits, instruments used for detection of ionizing radiation, X-rays.
Must to know 2hrs.
  • Principles of electronics: common electronic equipments used in patient care.
Desirable to know 1hrs.