List of Publications

List of Publication 2011

S.No. Publication
1 Mamata D A. Knowledge of Assisted Reproductive Technology among Nursing Students. Nightingale Nursing Times. 2011Oct;7(7):37-39.

List of Publication 2014

S.No. Publication
2 Mamata D A.Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Research& Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions. 2014;4(2):27-29
3 Kaur R, Renuka S, Kumari R, Samuel P, Jincy Shahji.A Quasi Experimental study to assess the effectiveness of structure teaching programme on stress and coping strategies regarding care of children among working women of area of Tarn Taran. IJEAR. 2014Jan-June; 4(1):
4 Ahlawat P, Nair R,Kumar A R.Explore the post traumatic Growth among patients at selected hospital of Haryana. IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science.2014Nov-Dec;3(6):43-46
5 Handa S. Effectiveness of Oral care protocol on oral health status of hospitalised children admitted in selected hospital of Haryana. Nursing and Midwifery Research Journal.2014 Jan ;10(1):8-14
6 Dular SK. A study to assess the impact of health education regarding common childhood ophthalmic ailments and their self care management among rural school children at Chitradurga. International journal of Nursing Care. 2014July-Dec ;2(4)2:128-38.

List of Publication 2015

S.No. Publication
7 Chinna.M D. Effectiveness of a Planned Teaching Programme on Care of Babies on Mechanical Ventilator among Staff Nurses working in ICU in Selected Hospitals at Bangalore. International Journal of Advances in Nursing Management. 2015 July-sept;3(3):10-14.
8 Mamata D A.Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Research& Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions. 2014;4(2):27-29.
9 Mamata DA, Dular S K, Yadav Ritu. A descriptive study to assess the level of knowledge and attitude regarding menopause among menopausal women in selected rural areas in Faridabad. International Journal of Advances in Nursing Management. 2015 Jan-Mar;3(1):7-9
10 Mamata D A. Psychiatry during Pregnancy. Journal of Nursing Science and Practice.2015April;5(1): 53-57.
11 Mamata D A , Dular SK. Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Low Birth Weight Babies among Antenatal Mothers. Indian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research.2015 July – Sep ;2(3): 149-154.
12 Mamata DA, Yadav Ritu .Tuberculosis in Children. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice, 2015Aug ;26( 3): 281-284.
13 Mamata D A, Pritam C M. Couvade syndrome. International Journal of Nursing Education and Research. 2015July-Sep;3(3):109-111
14 Mamata D A, Sangita DA . Knowledge and attitude toward nursing as profession and their preference for nursing as a career among senior secondary students. International Journal of Applied Research. 2015;1(10): 401-403
15 Sandhu AM, Mamata D A. A pre–experimental study to assess the effect of administration of pomegranate juice among prehypertensive men and women aged between 25-45. International Journal of Applied Research 2015;1(11): 597-601
16 S. Renuka, M. Thomas.A Comparative study of the psychological problem among Adolescent Boys and Girls in selected Higher Secondary Schools, Tumkur, Karnataka.International Journal of Emergency & Trauma Nursing.2015;1(2):22-23
17 Yadav Ritu. Vaccines other than specified in National Immunization Schedule among parents of under –Five children. Intternational journal of Advances in Nursing Management. 2015Jan-Mar;3(1):64-68
18 Ahlawat P, NairR,Devi A R K .Anxiety Among Cancer Pattients at selected hospital of Haryana. The Nursing Journal of India.2015July-Aug;4:158-160
19 Ahlawat P, Nair R, Kumar A Right.Explore the relationship between post traumatic Growth, ways of coping and anxiety among cancer patients at selected hospital of Haryana. IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science.2015Jan-Feb;4(1) :44-47
20 Arti. Chandaran Sujith.. A pre experimental study to assess the effectiveness of structure teaching programme on knowledge on regarding promotion of Mental Health among adolescents in selected school of district Jalander Punjab. Indian journal of Advances in Nursing Sciences.2015July-sep; 1(1):36-42
21 Richa. Mandal Kalpana.A study to determine the prevalence of complication among mother after Copper-T insertion and to assess their knowledge about the prevention and management of complication in selected Health centers of New Delhi. Indian journal of Advances in Nursing Sciences. 2015July-sep;1(1): 43-52
22 Negi Rashmi.Sorte DiptiY.Gomati B. Effect of white reflecting curtains on Neonatal Jaundice.International Journal of Nursing Education. 2015;7(4):147-152.
23 Mary Sharon, Melita Sheilini,Anil Raj A. Knowledge and Anxiety Patients undergoing Elective Invasive Urologic Procedures in Tertiary Hospital, Udupi Taluk. International Journal of Scientific Research. 2015Nov;4(11):250-252.

List of Publication 2016

S.No. Publication
24 Mayanlambam P, Mamata DA. Knowledge and Practice Regarding Basic Life Support among Nursing Students. Int Jour. of R and Review. 2016Jan;3(1):43-47
25 Mayanlambam P, Mamata DA. Knowledge regarding the Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections among the Students. ACADEMICIA: An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal.2016 Jan;6 (1):21-26
26 Mamata DA. Parvovirus B19 in Pregnancy. i-manager’s Journal on Nursing.2016 Nov-Jan;5(4):1-6
27 Sangita A,Malar K, Mamata A. Living with Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency. Journal of Nursing Science & Practice.2016 Apr-May;6(1):23-30
28 Mamata DA, Ritu Y. Knowledge Regarding Child abuse among parents. International journal of Advance in Nursing Management.2016July –Sep; 4(3): 191-193
29 Mamata DA. Plastic Baby with Rubber Doll-Like Skin. International Journal of Scientific Research.2016 Oct; 5(10):442-444
30 Vasukuttan T. To assess and compare depression and suicide risk among residential and non residential adolescent girls. International journal of Advance in Nursing Management. 2016July –Sep;4(3): 186-190
31 Ahlawat P . Explore anxiety among cancer patients at selected Hospital of Haryana. International Journal of Health Sciences and Research. 2016 July;6(7):
32 Grover A. A comparative study to know or evaluate the effectiveness of back massage vs. hot application on back pain during the active phase of labour among the intranatal women admitted in Gian Saga Medical College and Hospital, Ramnagar, Rajpur, Patiala, Punjab. Intenational Journal of Research and Review.2016July ;3(7):65-69
33 Sharma S. Effect of teaching program regarding home care on knowledge and practice of informal caregivers of CVA patients in a selected Hospital Dehradun (Uttarakhand) The trained Nurses Association of India.2016May –June;CVII(3):
34 Yadav S. Autism Spectrum Disorder. International journal of Nursing Education and Research. 2016April-June;4(2):
35 Sonia, Yadav S. Knowledge and attitude among adolescent regarding Sex Education. TJPRC: Int J of Neurology, Neurosurgery & psychiatry. 2016 June; 2(1): 5-12
36 Yadav S, Sonia. Knowledge regarding selected neonatal infection and their prevention among primigravida mothers. International journal of Advance in Nursing Management. 2016April-june;4(2):
37 Yadav Sarika. Knowledge and Practices regarding Prevention of Protein Energy Malnutrition among Mothers of under Five Children. Asian J. Nursing Edu. Resh 2016Jan -Mar ;6(1): 1-5
38 Rajni. A study to evaluate effectiveness of PTP on Knowledge of Staff Nurses regarding Cardiac Rehabilitation working in Pt. B.D Sharma PGIMS Rohtak, Haryana.IJRR. 2016Aug; 3(8):
39 Sonia. Transcultural Psychiatric Nursing.New J Psy Nsg.2016Sep-Dec;5(3):111-115.
40 Sonia.A Descriptive study to assess the knowledge and attitute of family members of psychotic patient’s regarding drug compliance & its relationship with selected factors in selected hospital Delhi. Nsg J India. 2016 Oct;CVII(5):4-5

List of Publication 2017

S.No. Publication
41 Grover A, Kaur K.Vasa Previa. Int J Science & Research. 2017 Feb;6(2): 565- 567.
42 Saharan K.Effectivenesss of distraction technique for pain reduction after administration of Intra muscular injection among children in selected hospitals of Punjab. The Nursing journal of India.2017Mar-Aprl ;CVIII (2): 91-96.
43 Mamata D A, Thokchom S. Future Fertility. GJRA. 2017June;6(6): 284-286.
44 Mamata DA, Sangita DA. Maternal Education: Immunization during Pregnancy. IJSR. 2017 June;6(6):1212-1216.
45 S Renuka. A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Influence of Medias Among Secondary School Going Children in Selected School at Bengaluru. International Journal of Nursing Science Practice and Research.3(1):
46 S Renuka. Prediction Models on Causing Factors for Delirium in Intensive Care Unit Patients. International Journal of Neurological Nursing.3(1)
47 Ahlawat Poonam, Yadav Ritu. Assessment of Knowledge about Immunization among Mothers of Under Five Children of Delhi, India. GJRA.2017June ; 6(6):116-117.
48 Sonia.Hallucination:How much do we really know about this perceptual Disorder. New journal of psychiatric nursing. 2017Jan-Apr;6(1):23-28
49 Sonia. Study the effect of Yoga exercise Pranayama breathing exercise and meditation on cardiorespiratory parameter in young healthy volunteers J Evolution Med. Dent. Sci.2017Jan ;6(3):
50 Devi Chinna,Jyoti,PandaJyoti,Khushboo.A Pre Experimental Study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching program on the knowledge regarding prevention of Anemia among A dolescent Girls in selected Government Senior Secondary School, Gurgaon, Haryana.IJTSRD.2017 july-Aug;1(5):359-362.
51 Handa Shweta,Negi Rashmi. Effectiveness of planned teaching programme on mentruation & menstrual hygiene in terms of knowledge , attitude & practiceof adolescents school girls in a selected government school of Delhi.IJIRMF.2017July;3(1).

List of Publication 2018

S.No. Publication
52 Mehta Santosh.A study to evaluate the effectiveness of expectant management with uterotonics during the third stage of labourFor the delivery of placenta in terms of selected physiological Parameters, outcome and anxiety in the parturients in the labour room of the selected hospital in delhi.Indian Journal of Applied Research.2018April;8(4): 2249-555X
53 Devi AM.Shalu.Knowledge Regarding TORCH Infection Among Women Between Rural And Urban Area: Comparative Study. GJRA.2018 July; 7(7):99-101.
54 Devi AM .Dular K. Sunil. Perceived Influence Of Internet Use On Emotional Maturity And General Well-Being Among Students. Global Journal For Research Analysis. 7(11);2018 Nov:32-35
55 Shokeen Jyoti.Battered baby syndrome : An obsolete term.IJCR.10(7);July 2018: 71627-71629
56 Shokeen Jyoti.Child abuse and its consequences : A review. IJCAR.7(5);May 2018:12686-12691
57 Shokeen Jyoti.Effect of prenatal malnutrition on fetus & newborn baby: IJSR.7(6). June 2018:2319-7064
58 Shokeen Jyoti. Neural tube defect:.IJSR;7(4). April 2018: 2319-7064
59 Rashmi, Shweta.H.A Pre-experimental study to evaluate the effectiveness of guidelines on care of client on ventilator among the staff nurses of selected hospital, Amritsar” Published in I managers journal of nursing, vol. 8, Issue no.1, Feb- April 2018.
60 Arti, Anu.Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques during pregnancy (PUPPP).2018;8(5):51-52
61 Yadav Sarika.Twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Asian J. Nursing Edu. and Research.July- sep2018;8(3):2231-1149
62 Nazir. Sumyra.A Quasi-Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Cryotherapy on Pain during Arteriovenous Fistula Puncturing among Hemodialysis Patients in Dialysis Unit of Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. International Journal of Nursing & Midwifery Research. 2018: 2455-9318
63 Sonia. Sarika , Arti.Effectiveness of planned teaching programme on alcoholism among adolescents at Govt. School Gurugram, Haryana, J Psy Nursing2019;8(1):18-22
64 Chhillar.Rekha,A study to assess effectiveness of CBT on depression and anxiety among COPD patients.2018,IJPHS,3:4,Volume 3,Issue 4,1000167

List of Publication 2019

S.No. Publication
65 Khushbu. Jyoti.A 13- year oldwith Nephrotic syndrome & streptococcal Pneumonia :A case study.IJSR .V0l-8 Issue-2 ;Feb 2019:2277-8175
66 Arti.Sonia. PICA: A cravng Indian Journal of Applied Research 2019;9(2):77-78
67 Savita, A quasi experimental study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on Self care Management of Antenatal Mothers with Gestational diabetes mellitus in terms of knowledge and practice in safdarjung Hospital,journal of Nursing research, Education and Management Feb vol-1 issue-2, page-7-11
68 Khushbu. Shokeen Jyoti.A 13- year oldwith Nephrotic syndrome & streptococcal Pneumonia :A case study.IJSR .V0l-8 Issue-2 ;Feb 2019:2277-8175
69 Shokeen Jyoti, A Comprehensive Review of Genetic Disorder: Harlequin Ichthyosis.Paripex-Indian journal of Research.Vol 8 Issue 2; Feb 2019
70 Shokeen Jyoti, Angelman Syndrome: A Comprehensive Review of Genetic Abnormality.Indian Journal of applied Research. Vol 9 Issue 2; Feb 2019
71 Kusumlata, Devi AM. To assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Program (PTP) on Knowledge Regarding Early Detection and Prevention of Cervical Cancer among Women: Pre-experimental Study. International Journal of Nursing Education. 2019 Apr-Jun; 11(2):1 -6.  ISSN: 0974-9357
72 Sharma S, Devi AM. Assess Knowledge and Practice regarding Partograph among Staff Nurses: Pre experimental Study. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development. 2019 Aug; 10(8):1064-1067.
73 Rashmi, Khushbu, Shweta, Bharti, Effectivness of self instructional module on MAA programe among antenatal Mother, IJRR Vol.6, Issue8, August19.
74 Rashmi ,H Shweta effectivness of STP on Knowledge and attitude regarding scabies among Mothers of under five children. IJANM, Vol.7, issue4, Oct-Dec19.
75 Rashmi ,H Shweta effectivness of STP on Behavioural Problems and toilet training among the Mother of toddlers. I-manager journal of nursing vol.9 May-July19.
76 Sonia, Y Sarika, Arti Effectivness of planned teaching programme on alcoholism among adolescents at Govt. School Gurugram Haryana journal of psychiatry nursing 2019, 8(18-22)
77 Varsha, B Rahul, Knowledge regarding sexual transmitted disease among Nursing 1st Year students. IJTSvol.4, issue1, Nov-Dec19.
78 Varsha, Jyoti, S Khushbu, Assessment of Knowledge rearding ABG analysis among staff nurses working in SGT Hospital Gurugram Haryana. IJSR vol.8, issue11, Nov19.
79 B Rahul, Physiological needs of immobilized patient as percived by family members, Manipal Journal of Nursing & health Sciences vol.5, issue2 July19.
80 B Rahul, Prevaleance of ocupational health hazards among employes of slected sugar cane factory, International journal of Advances in Nursing Management 7(4), Oct-Dec19.
81 D. Jyoti, S Shikha, B. Rahul, level of anxiety among unscccesful students under going suplymentry examination, International Journal of Trends in Scientific research and devlopment vol4, issue1, Dec19.
82 Shally. Awareness of Mother regarding prevention of home accidents among under five childern. International Journal of Social sciences and Humanities research. 2019 Oct-Dec;7(4): 500-504.
83 S. Jyoti. Overview of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Health Vision . 2019 Aug.
84 Y. Ritu. Knowledge regarding secondary sexual Characteristics during menarch among young adolescent girls.Indian journal of applied rsearch.2019 July:9(7).
85 A. Poonam, H. Shweta,Bharti Ajay ,Renu  “Descriptive study to assess the knowledge regarding cervical cancer among selected rural areas of Gurugram, Haryana”Asian journal of nursing education  and research, vol.9, issue no. 4, 2019.