Dept. of Pediatric (Child Health) Nursing

We, the Faculty of Department of Child Health Nursing believe that child Nursing is service rendered by professional nurses with knowledge ,skill and attitude based on art and scientific knowledge to help the children, family and community in the prevention of diseases , preservation and restoration of health and rehabilitation.

  • To enhance understanding on growth and development of children, child psychology and modem trends and concepts in the child care.
  • To demonstrate the ability to make appropriate judgment/ decisions to solve problems related to the care of children and their families.
  • To participate in the preventive and curative aspects of Nursing care for the minor and major childhood diseases and disorders.
  • To prepare Paediatric Postgraduate nurses occupy nurse manager / nurse clinician, nurse researcher in the clinical area / college.
  • To prepare experts as nurse consultant to work in the neonatal intensive care unit or in the paediatric intensive care unit or in general Paediatrics.
Admissions Open