Dept. of Obstetric & Gynecological Nursing

  • We believe that the faculty members prepare nursing students to render competency based quality care in various   Obstetrics and Gynecological setting in accordance with legal and ethical aspects.
  • We recognize that the nursing students with the specialized knowledge and skill imbibed with appropriate attitude excel   in various expanded and extended nursing roles.
  • We agree that the nursing students will execute evidence based nursing care in accordance with current research and   technology. Objectives

Render Quality Prenatal Nursing Care to mother and newborn as single unit based on midwifery model. Perform standardized nursing care as reflected in the current policies, procedures and protocols. Incorporate nursing process through logical/critical thinking and decision making in various obstetrics and gynecological settings. Ensure culturally sensitive family centered holistic nursing care. Empower women along with their family to preserve and promote health through health education and counseling. Partipate in the collaborative care using administrative principles. Involve research activities for professional development

Admissions Open