Name Mrs. Arti
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.Sc. Nursing(Mental Health Nursing) B.Sc. Nursing
Total Years of Work Experience 06 years 2 Months
Email ID
Teaching Interests promotion of mental health
Research Interests Promotion of mental health among adolescents
Recent Publications
  • the effectiveness of ptp on alcoholism among the adolescents at govt school, gurugram.journal of psychiatry nursing Jan-April 2019 vol. 8, 18-22
  • Yadav Sarika, Sonia.Knowledge regarding selected neonatal infections and their prevention among primigravida mothers.International Journal of advances in Nursing Management.20164(2):1-5
  • Yadav Sarika.knowledge regarding Protein-Energy Malnutrition and their prevention among mothers of under-five children.Asian J. Nursing Edu. and Research 6(1): January -March 2016:96-100.
  • Yadav Sarika.Autism Spectrum Disorder. International Journal of Nursing Education and Research 4(2): April- June 2016: 1-4
    Article on Twin-twin transfusion Article on OCD in Teens”
Conferences, Seminars & Workshops
  •  The 17th annual conference of Indian society of psychiatry nursing.
  • 4th annual zone conference of NRSI on in noivationb in nursing practice.
  • workshop on biomedical waste management.,
  •  workshop of ethics in publication.