Excursion Trip to Pratap Garh Farms

As a part of excursion, a trip was organized by the Faculty of Nursing, SGT University; to Pratap Garh Farms for the students of second year B.Sc Nursing which were in total of 53 & accompanied by 3 Faculty members, Ms. Rijo Jacob(lecturer), Ms. Vandana Dagar (lecturer) and Mr. Sandeep( tutor).

Pratap Garh farms presents the real flavor of rural India. The place is full of adventure, entertainment, sports, heritage, handicraft and cuisine. At Pratap Garh Farms, the students had a great way of enjoyment and adventure. The students went on doing the activities on their own which gave them a great feeling of independence and responsibility.

There are enormous activities of various natural beauty like Relaxation therapies, Head massage, Mud bath, Mehandi and Tubewell bath. Many fun games were also organized like sac race, musical chairs, lemon race and matka race. Students visited various farms like Poultry Farm, Vermi-Compost Plant, Biogas Plant and Herb Garden & took rides on Camel, Bullock Cart and Tractors to the Agricultural Fields. Last but not least, there are cuisines that were combination of simple , delicious with palatable and yet nourishing food. This was an awesome exposure to experience village life and the memories will be cherished forever

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